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Boogie Check Entertainment

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Bridal Fair April 2008
Thank you's from customers!! NEW!!
CEREMONY INFO PAGE 1--Due 45 days in advance.
Our Contract

***all weddings are $425.00 with unlimited hours, lights, fog and more***



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The set up...
Let's keep this simple.
You're looking for a D.J. for your wedding reception.
You're looking for someone who has experience in ENTERTAINING folks. The reception is supposed to be fun.
If you've never hosted a reception, you'll find out that it is the D.J. who plans the night's events and makes sure that everything happens.

The Bride and Groom dance.
The Parent dance.
The bridal party dance.
The cake cutting.
And so on.
I've been in business for over 10 years.
I only require a $50.00 deposit with a signed contract.
That includes unlimited hours, light shows, fog, and possibly games and prizes at no extra charge.

The D.J. is hired to keep the momentum going the entire night and to make sure the Bride & Groom have nothing on their minds but fun.
I will arrive 2 hours early to set up. Talk with the caterer, the photographer and anyone else involved.
In the meantime you can relax and know that your reception will be ran right and loads of fun will be had by all.
All weddings are $425.00. In rare cases the price of gas is discussed for distance.
The $425.00 is for Unlimited hours.
I don't have a secretary nor do I have an office. It all happens out of my home.
As a rule I don't give out past client's phone numbers.
All song requests must be on my desk within 45 days of your event.
It's that simple.
Let's talk!
630-257-28577 DAYS A WEEK FROM 1 PM TO 11 PM