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Boogie Check Entertainment

Ideas you could use....
Ideas you could use....
Bridal Fair April 2008
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A great DJ must have professional grade equipment. If you want a great sound and don’t want to worry about a crisis (i.e. speakers blowing out) solid equipment is an absolute necessity. Although most DJ’s are careful about having quality equipment, the larger the affair the more important this detail becomes. You may want to ask if they have any backup equipment as well. Also you will want to make sure that the DJ has any specialty equipment that you may require.  Things such as wireless microphones, dance lighting, or a dance floor may need to be rented separately or possibly through an entirely different company. 

Remember personality is an important factor when hiring a DJ. A  DJ’s dress and demeanor help set the mood for the affair. It’s important that you feel comfortable with your DJ and are confident that he/she can develop a rapport with your guests as they are going to be making requests for songs through out the affair.


It’s important to find out how extensive a DJ’s music library is. Do they have the music you want played? What kind of Cd’s do they own?.  You also want to get a feel for how they will handle song requests. A professional DJ will know how to read the crowd and know what to play and when. For the most part you are best off leaving the music selection to them.


Cost is an important factor when selecting a DJ as they should priced to keep within your budget.
DJ pricing may be as low as $400 and as high as $1500 and everything in between.